In the World of Teenagers

The everyday reality of young people is becoming increasingly complex. They are looking for belonging, hope and a fulfilling life, but often experience loneliness, depression and emptiness. Young Life wants to give young people hope and show them new perspectives. At Young Life, it doesn't just start with a program. It starts with adults who are so interested in young people that they go to them, enter their world and culture and build bridges of authentic friendship. These relationships don't develop overnight - they take time, patience, trust and reliability.

Christian Faith

Young people with all backgrounds and beliefs are warmly welcome and respected by us. We want to share God's love with young people and give them the opportunity to get to know the person of Jesus Christ and start a relationship with him. This should be free and easy. If desired, we offer opportunities for prayer and sharing about the Christian faith.

Relational Youth Ministry

Young Life leaders are contact persons and mentors in the difficult adolescence phase for many young people. By building reliable relationships, we give them a sense of belonging and hope. This often results in lifelong friendships. The focus of our work is always on relationships, our programs serve only as support.

Empowerment through mentoring

We want to promote and support young people individually. This is done through groups and individual support in friendships and mentoring relationships. Together with young people, we develop and promote projects and ideas to make a difference in their living environment.

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